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We can hardly believe it’s almost Easter time already, the thought of summer and the long evenings ahead is so appealing! If you’re hosting an Easter get together, fear no more! We have put together some of our favourite Pinterest Easter themed displays to give you some decorating inspiration, as well as some classy Easter treats…


Use pretty spring flowers to decorate your Easter table…



Daffodils and eggs, Napkins folded like Easter bunnies creating an Easter theme                    



Painted and decorated eggs using different colours and glitter


Chocolate covered Strawberries

We’re sharing our recipe with you for Chocolate covered strawberries, an easy treat to make for after dinner! We don’t feel so bad about all the chocolate if there is some fruit involved…


1 Punnet of strawberries

1 bar of dark chocolate

1 small bar of white chocolate

Melt the dark and white chocolate separately, dip the strawberries in the dark chocolate and leave to set on baking paper. Using a spoon, drizzle some white chocolate over the strawberries. When the strawberries are fully set, transfer them to a plate. 



We’re looking forward to curling up with our Aran throw and a plate of these chocolate treats! Wishing you a brilliant Easter from all of us at Irelands Eye.









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